Show your ESA pride.

ESA is partnered with Affinity Consultants, a Greek licensing company, to help police our trademarks while increasing the merchandise offerings available to our membership. Click here to read the FAQ and learn more. Please note that anything created with an ESA insignia (logo, letters, crest, etc.) must be created and purchased through a licensed Affinity vendor.

You Might Be Asking...

What are Epsilon Sigma Alpha’s trademarks? ▼
Who needs to become licensed? ▼
My chapter has a design we want printed on an item – what is the process? ▼
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A few items you may be looking for...

Ideals Book Clothing Show your ESA pride everywhere you go
Official Pins Official Pins Pins for each level of membership
Officer Dangels Officer DangLes Worn by chapter and state officers
Branded Item Branded items Perfect gift for a fellow member
Graduation Materials Graduation regalia Represent ESA at Graduation
Years of Service Dangles Years of Service Pins Time is valuable, show it off
President Logo 2022 - 2023 President items Limited Edition Items
Ask me about ESA buttons ESA aprons Great identifier at any event!
Pallas Athene Dangles Pallas Athene Charms Earn your next level and proudly show it

Imporant resources

New Vendor Licensing New vendor Be sure to register with Affinity. To have a current vendor become licensed to create your ESA merchandise, click here to download the vendor licensing intro letter. Any vendor who wishes to create ESA merchandise must become licensed through Affinity Consultants.  
Licensed Vendor List Vendor list All vendors registered with Affinity. When a vendor registers with Affinity they are added to this list. If you are looking for a vendor to complete your next project try checking this list so you don't have to worry about licensing.
ESA Brand Guide Logo library Download the latest logos. ESA offical logos are always available for your use with a licensed vendor. Click here to get the latest brand guide and logos to represent ESA in a professional way.