Meet The Team

ESA Headquarters Team

ESA Headquarters is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Headquarters was established to provide membership services that could not be accomplished on a volunteer basis. Headquarters provides program information and guidance along with administrative support and management for ESA projects. The staff is dedicated to using ESA's resources for researching and developing potential projects and programs that advance the mission and best interests of the organization. Headquarters also provides professional support for officer training, educational, membership, and philanthropic programming and functions as the central business office.

The ESA Membership Corporation, or Headquarters, also holds all ESA trademarks and is charged with protecting the unauthorized use of membership information. 

Meet the ESA Headquarters Team

Charlotte Carloni Shai Hendricks Program Manager "I love ESA because it's more than just an organization; it's a thriving community where lifelong friendships are formed, and the joy of making a difference is infectious."

Contact me for assistance with:
  • Paying your ESA or ESA Foundation Dues
  • Record updates
  • ESA Foundation donations
  • Leadership and Training
  • ESA National Programming
  • Event Planning
  • Headquarters-hosted Events
  • Relationship Management

Doug Mills Executive Director
"I love ESA because it allows me to help great people do great things and gives me the opportunity to become friends with many wonderful folks."

Contact me for assistance with:
  • Finance, account and taxation for all ESA and ESA Foundation entities
  • Verification of nonprofit status
  • Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) and Forms W-9
  • Internal Revenue Service (do not contact the IRS yourselves)
  • Starting an ESA Foundation Endowment

ESA Purse Party Tracy Swanson Membership Director "I love ESA because I get to help people make a difference and have great fun in the company of genuine friends, what could be better than that?"

Contact me for assistance with:
  • Joining ESA
  • Creating a New ESA Chapter
  • Chapter Consulting
  • Recruitment
  • Membership Training
  • Relocation Assistance
ESA Pie in the face Deena Steele Program Coordinator –
ESA for St. Jude
"Having my own experience with a child being hospitalized, I appreciate the dedication and support ESA has for helping others. Especially for the families and kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®."

Contact me for assistance with:
  • Planning Local Events Benefitting St. Jude 
  • Tracking/Submitting St. Jude Donations for Credit
  • ESA Hearts St. Jude (Collegiate ESA)
  • ESA for St. Jude (Community ESA)
St. Jude Go To Your Room Challenge Mackeigan Bickel Marketing & Communications
"I love ESA because it is an organization ANYONE can join. Bringing the whole family together to serve our community means the world to me."

Contact me for assistance with:
  • Journey Magazine
  • ESA Website/Social Media/Newsletters
  • ESA National Projects:
    • Hope for Heroes
    • ESA Foundation
  • ESA and ESA Foundation Marketing