Spreading The Wings Of Your Personality

What type of leader are you?  How do you communicate? How do you respond toconflict? It is hard to come up with answers to these questions off the top of your head, but being aware of your personality type and knowing some of your general strengths/weaknesses can have great benefits for your personal and professional life. These insights will helpyou apply your personal strengths to where they are best served.

ESA members who registered for the August Educational Event: “The Real YOU Personality Quiz,” hosted by Charlotte Carloni, gained insight about their personality type and had a great time doing it. Around ninety participants took the Bird Test which is a personality quiz that categorizes your personality through different bird types. The birds you get at the end of the quiz represent different personality archetypes with unique descriptions highlighting your strengths/weaknesses and also provide additional information about who you are as a person. The results will tell you about yourself in relation to work, family, other organizations, and everyday life.

There are no good or bad results, just information that can help you understand yourself better and allow you to be conscious about how you can thrive in your life. The ESA members who took the quiz had a great time learning about themselves and discussing their results with other members.

ESA members can take the quiz at any time here. If you aren’t a member, consider joining ESA so you can access the quiz and other helpful resources that ESA provides. You can take the quiz with a friend or family member to compare results and learn more about each other. Discover your bird today!

Written by Zane Smith

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