Celebrate the Past & Embrace the Present

To commemorate 25 years of Collegiate ESA in 2012, members on campuses across the country participated in a special month-long campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The ESA Hearts St. Jude campaign had members creating events of all sorts ranging from a date auction or Valentine’s Day dance to “Pop or Soda” competitions where students voted with coins on whether they say “pop” or “soda.” The total fundraising amounted to an impressive $40,000!

To cut loose and show off their moves on the dance floor, ESA members boogied their way to raising over $100,000 for St. Jude at the IC Challenge. It was a strong end to the celebration when the presentation of unveiled $11,455,895 in cash and pledges raised for St. Jude.

Susan Winters, 2012-2013 International Council President, decided to invite members to shed some light on the lives of victims of domestic violence. Members made a difference by hosting ESA Strikes Out Domestic Violence bowling events throughout the country. All proceeds went to organizations that supported ending domestic violence.

November 1, 2012 was a day to remember for ESA. More than 300 ESA members from across the country gathered at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to witness the official unveiling of ESA’s dedicated area at the hospital. To honor the new space, the next blog post will focus on our mark at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

October hit and members across the country celebrated Choctoaber. ESA members hosted chocolate-themed events designed to celebrate friendship and welcome new members to sweet ESA. The Beta Omega Chapter of Flint, MI hosted a masquerade ball complete with savory chocolate. They left with a satisfied sweet tooth and eight new members!

The world of chocolate continued at the International Convention in Norfolk, VA. ESA’s For the Love of Chocolate Challenge in July of 2013 invited members to taste and learn about America’s favorite sweets while enjoying games, dancing and fun.

Full of energy and ready to go, International Council President Vicky Jones invited chapters to focus on literacy as the annual project. Whether learning to read, providing literacy resources, or just sharing with the community, the gift of literacy is valuable and ESA members were eager to get the ball rolling.

The members of Alpha Eta Chapter of Newport, TN were one of many who were thrilled for the literacy focus project. For several years they had been supporting children’s literacy projects and this year they decided to embark on a year-long book collection. Once they accumulated more than 500 gently used books, they held a book sale where proceeds were donated to Imagination Library and remaining books were given to the Bags of Love program.

On December 14, 2013 a big celebration erupted in Australia. In Childers, Queensland, the ESA Queensland State Council hosted members from all over the world, including International Council President Vicky Jones, for 50 years of ESA in Australia! Speakers gave heartfelt, emotional, and motivating speeches about the work ESA has done in Australia for the past half-century.

When the evening hit, several chapters put on humorous skits that represented the decades in which their respective chapters were founded. To end the night, Vicky was recognized as “honorary Aussie” after dressing in fun, Australian-themed attire and answering a series of questions about Australian culture. It was an exciting way to wrap up an extremely successful year in ESA.
A Glimpse in time series continues in two weeks as the race began to raise $200 million in cash in pledges for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Written by Audrey Potter
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