Humanitarian Award

Definition of the award
The Humanitarian Award is an award that allows ESA Foundation members an opportunity to recognize the work of persons in communities throughout the United States and across the globe who are devoted to the welfare of humanity. Community work may be demonstrated through:
  • Perfecting the nature of mankind.
  • Aiding those less fortunate.
  • Eliminating the suffering and pain of others.
Who qualifies for the Humanitarian Award
  • Candidates must be nominated by a member in good standing of the ESA Foundation. This may include a nomination from a member council and/or chapter, or an individual member in good standing of the ESA Foundation. The Board of Directors of the ESA Foundation may also submit a nomination for this award.
  • Any person who meets the description of humanitarian as shown in the definition of the award.
  • Any person who has never been a member of ESA and/or the ESA Foundation.
How the nomination process works
  • The Foundation member, council, or chapter making the nomination will fill out the form provided and submit it to the Chairman of the Board of the ESA Foundation.
  • The Chairman of the Board, assisted by the advisory panel, shall review the qualifications of the nominee to determine if all qualifications for the award are met. The Chairman shall notify the Board of Directors on the decision to award the honor.
  • The Chairman of the Board will then respond to the council, chapter, or individual with the Board's decision regarding the nominee, along with all the necessary awards material.
  • The application should take approximately one month to process.
  • There is no limit to the number of Humanitarian Awards that may be awarded each year.
What the ESA Foundation will provide
The ESA Foundation shall recognize the qualified person with the following:
  1. An appropriate award certificate.
  2. A letter of congratulations from the Chairman of the Board on behalf of the Board of Directors.
  3. A press release for use in the community where the award will be given.
  4. An ESA Foundation brochure which provides the nominee with information concerning the ESA Foundation and its activities.
Who is responsible for the award presentation
The Chairman of the Board will mail all materials to the party making the nomination, should the individual be approved for the award.  The chapter, council, and/or Foundation member making the nomination shall be responsible for organizing and making the awards presentation. This may be in the form of:
  • A written letter of recognition along with the award certificate and letter from the ESA Foundation
  • A formal dinner for the purpose of recognizing the individual
  • A media event where the individual is recognized publicly
  • A presentation at a state convention and/or council meeting