Student volunteer opportunities and community service at University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Work with ESA to volunteer in Las Vegas.

If you have a passion for community service or are simply looking for volunteer opportunities, Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) is the organization for you. Much more than a sorority or fraternity, ESA is a co-ed leadership and service organization that empowers you to change the lives of others, as well as your own.

ESA members at colleges and universities across the U.S. have built a common bond around the idea that service is social. By working together to complete community service projects, they are helping people and communities while building strong friendships. Start changing the world today – form a dynamic new ESA chapter at University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

ESA has a strong, long-term association with national nonprofits including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Easter Seals. Additionally, as an ESA member, you have the freedom to explore and support other community service opportunities within and around Las Vegas. This well-rounded service program provides you the chance to experience new things and make an even bigger impact on the world around you.

While community service is a major benefit of membership in ESA, there are other reasons why you should join ESA at University of Nevada - Las Vegas:

  • Meet other students from University of Nevada - Las Vegas who have different majors, backgrounds, and interests.
  • Connect with members of Las Vegas community.
  • Build your resume by participating in leadership activities, networking, and student volunteer activities.
  • Become more confident and gain a better understanding of others.
  • Earn scholarships to University of Nevada - Las Vegas for your service, leadership, and academic achievements.

By bringing ESA to University of Nevada - Las Vegas, you will:

  • Leave a positive, long-lasting mark on campus by starting something good.
  • Let your ideas and goals become the building blocks for a dynamic new ESA chapter.
  • Set yourself apart as someone who didn't simply join a campus service organization, but someone who founded one.
  • Create a group that fits your goals, schedule, and interests, while forming a vehicle for good and fun.
  • Get noticed for your success.

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