International Council Executive Board

The International Council (IC) Executive Board consists of elected officers, a corresponding secretary appointed by the president, the senior IC past president, and one permanent representative from ESA Headquarters.

Each year the International Council president chooses a theme to provide motivation and direction for the year ahead. The theme of the 2017-2018 International Council president Sandy Alexander is "Inspire". 

Current International Council Executive Board members are listed below.


Sandy Alexander




Kim Kummer
First Vice President




Terri Olson 
Second Vice President


 Jaycee Peak
Recording Secretary


Mary Humphrey
Correpsonding Secretary


LeAnn Wray 


 Gail Marchant


Robin Bussey
Workshop Coordinator


Sherry Day
Junior Past President

Maureen Wells
2018- 2019 Corresponding Secretary

Charlotte-(1).png Charlotte Carloni
ESA Headquarters Representative