McConnel Family Endowment

McConnel Family Endowment

The McConnel Family Endowment was established by Betty McConnel December 18, 2000. The first scholarship was awarded in 2002.

This endowment was established by Betty McConnel [now a 60 year member] and her husband, Bill [known in California as Sister Bill], as a result of being referred to a specialty Veterinary hospital with a seriously ill Standard Poodle.

All went well and it caught their attention that more than 75% of the “Vets” were women. Several years later when discussing a scholarship they had no trouble deciding on what they wanted to do.

Betty was awarded California’s Outstanding Member in 1998. Sister Bill was always available for help and encouragement. He “married” into ESA and was a “quick learner” as to what was expected.

Betty’s philanthropic passions are her “big 10”, among which are St. Jude, Canine Companions for Independence and For the Child. She seeks opportunities to volunteer her time.

Betty joined ESA in Phoenix when she “outgrew” Rainbow Girls and needed an organization where she could make a difference.

  • Gender
    • Female
  • GPA
    • Min: 3.00
  • Specific Major
    • Veterinary