Jeanne Parker Honorarium Endowment

Jeanne Parker Honorarium Endowment

The Jeanne Parker Honorarium Endowment was established by the Missouri State Council July 17, 2000. The first scholarship was awarded in 2002.

The ESA Missouri State Council surprised Jeanne Parker at the end of the Missouri caucus held on Thursday night during IC Convention when they announced the Jeanne Parker Honorarium Endowment had been established in her honor by the members of the Missouri State Council and her friends around the country.

Jeanne Parker is a valuable, well-respected, and supportive member in all aspects of ESA International and the ESA Foundation. She always encourages newer, younger members in her chapter, the Kansas City Council, the Missouri State Council, MARC, and the International Council to stretch and grow.

Jeanne joined ESA – Alpha Mu Chapter, Kansas City, Missouri in 1949 and has been “on the move” and active ever since - we lovingly called her “Missouri’s Energizer bunny!” Jeanne has held every chapter office, City Council, State and IC Council office and chaired many committees. Jeanne was ESA Missouri State President in 1958-59; and was installed as ESA International Council President in 1965-66.

Some of Jeanne’s accomplishments during her ESA career include: Establishment of the First Pearl Award in 1965; spoke at the first ESA International Leadership Conference, served as Chairman of the World Center Foundation and assisted in the dedication of the Building in Loveland, CO, in 1976; assisted with ESA’s 50th [1979 Denver, Colorado] and 60th [1989, Dallas, Texas] Anniversary celebrations; established the ESA Foundation “State Award”; was Missouri’s Outstanding Woman of ESA in 1988. Jeanne chaired an ESA International Convention, many state conventions, and many meetings, and wrote and presided at numerous ESA ceremonies.

Jeanne assisted anyone who needed help, was very involved in philanthropic efforts, and states, “I love being around people and pets!” Jeanne was an Activities Director of the Wyandotte High School Alumni group. For fun, Jeanne loved ballroom dancing. Jeanne is retired from the Corps of Engineers.

  • GPA
    • Min: 3.00
    • Max: 3.50