Elsie and Jay Vogler Memorial Teaching Endowment

Elsie and Jay Vogler Memorial Teaching Endowment

The Elsie M. Vogler / Lois E. Carter Memorial Teaching Endowment was established by Elsie Vogler May 30, 1997 as a memorial for Lois E. Carter to extend her desire of helping others to continue their studies in the field of education.  The first scholarship was awarded 2005.

Lois Carter was born in Indiana but received her education and pursued her career as an educator in Michigan.  Lois retired to Tucson, Arizona after a long career as both teacher and administrator, earning her PhD during her education career.  While living in Tucson, she continued to promote education as a career, including subsidizing several students with her own funds.

Elsie Vogler became friends with Lois Carter through mutual friends and church membership.  Over the years, Elsie became her primary care giver until Lois passed away.  Lois Carter was the last member of her family.

Since both Lois and Elsie were active educators in Michigan and Arizona, the scope of the endowment was restricted to Arizona and Michigan.  In the spirit of their unique relationship in supporting the promoting of the teaching profession, Elsie’s name was added to the endowment name after her death.

  • GPA
    • Min: 3.00
  • Specific Major
    • Teaching