Ellsworth Family Endowment

Ellsworth Family Endowment

The Ellsworth Family Endowment was established by Frank L. Ellsworth April 25, 2002.  

During his tenure as President of Endowments, Capital Research and Management Company, Frank worked with the ESA Foundation.  He felt fortunate to make many new friends and was delighted he could help build the endowment assets of the ESA Foundation.

His respect for the Foundation and its mission inspired him to establish the Ellsworth Family Endowment which honors his daughter, Kirstin, who is an art historian.  Their hope is that the funds will help support students over the years who are studying art history and / or studio art.  

Frank’s respect and admiration for the ESA Foundation and his friends who are associated continues to grow.

  • GPA
    • Min: 3.00
  • Specific Major
    • Art Education
    • Studio Art