Dorothy Dyer Vanek Endowment

Dorothy Dyer Vanek Endowment

The Dorothy Dyer Vanek Endowment was established July 13, 2005 by Dorothy Vanek. The first scholarship was awarded in 2007.

This endowment was established to give students in the field of architecture or interior design some assistance. These fields require a five-year program along with a long apprenticeship.

Dorothy was a decorating major at the end of World War II and was not able to finish her degree because the returning veterans had priority in most classes. At that time, students had to sign a five-year contract that they would not get married during their studies. Dorothy did not sign that contract; instead, she used her architectural and decorating skills around the world during her 26 moving opportunities.

Dorothy is involved in many levels of ESA. She enjoys the educational aspect as well as the philanthropic work supported by ESA International. Dorothy is a strong supporter of the ESA Foundation.


  • GPA
    • Min: 3.00
  • Specific Major
    • Architecture
    • Interior Design