Ayers / Gallatin Endowment

Ayers / Gallatin Endowment

The Ayers / Gallatin Endowment was established by Lorene Ayers July 4, 1992 as a family endowment.  The first scholarship was awarded in 1994.

Lorene Ayers was a member of ESA International in Dallas, Texas and a past ESA Foundation State Counselor.  It was a tribute to her daughter, Linda Gallatin, for her dedication to all aspects of the ESA Foundation and ESA International, and to honor her husband, Clayton Ayers, and son-in-law, Gary Gallatin, for their continuing support of the work done on behalf of ESA.  Both Linda and Lorene have served ESA as officers on many levels, including District President.  Linda went on to become President of the Texas State Council of ESA in 1985-86.

Linda served as an appointed member of the Board of Directors of the ESA Foundation prior to being elected to the Board for two, three-year terms.  During her tenure on the board of Directors, she served as Chairman for three years from 1991 thru 1994.  She was instrumental in raising interest in and awareness of the Women Helping Women Program / People Helping People Program and in developing new programs.  The family believed very strongly in the basic premise of the scholarship program, that of serving deserving students throughout the United States by affording them the opportunity of a college education.  Therefore, it was their desire that no restrictions be placed upon the endowment as to state, school or field of study.

In recognition of being elected President of the Texas State Council, Linda was presented with the ESA Foundation’s prestigious Dixie Palmer Lady award in 1985. As an expression of appreciation for his many years of involvement in ESA projects, Gary was given the ESA Foundation Stewardship Award, the Foundation’s highest honor designed specifically for men, during the Texas State Convention in May, 1992.

Although Lorene and Clayton are now deceased, the endowment that Lorene created on behalf of the family will continue to enrich the lives of many young adults who desire to seek challenging opportunities through higher education.  

Linda and Gary Gallatin are Life Active members of the ESA Foundation.  They currently reside in Malakoff, Texas and continue to be avid supporters of all aspects of the ESA Foundation, with special interest in the growth of the scholarship program.

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