Scholarship guidelines

If you have any questions, please contact the ESA Foundation scholarship chairman or ESA Foundation chairman. Do not contact ESA headquarters because the staff there cannot answer scholarship application questions.

  1. All scholarships shall collectively be known as ESA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS. Applicant must designate, by name, the scholarship for which he / she is applying.
    1. Per the Internal Revenue Service, Publication 520, a qualified scholarship is an amount received as a scholarship and may be used according to the condition of the scholarship for:
      • Tuition and fees required to enroll in, or to attend, an educational institution, OR
      • Fees, books, supplies,computers/computer supplies and equipment required for the courses of instruction at the educational institution.
  2. Application must be submitted online at the Foundation website
  3. Applicant must be one of the following:
    1. A senior high school student who will be an incoming college freshman student with a minimum non-weighted cumulative GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, OR a minimum score of ACT 22 OR SAT [verbal / critical reading and math] 1030 OR GPA designated by specific endowment;
    2.  A College student presently enrolled in an accredited college / university who has maintained a "B" average [3.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale] during his / her college career OR GPA designated by specific scholarship;
    3. A College student applying for graduate scholarship must have a minimum GPA of 3.50 on 4.00 scale or higher and be enrolled in a US accredited college / university;
    4. A student returning to accredited college / university after period of absence from school must have at least a GPA of 3.00 on 4.00 scale;
    5. Enrolled for training in a technical school or any person returning to school after an absence to retrain job skills or obtain a degree. [Post secondary students at any educational level];
    6. Enrolled in an online course through an Accredited College / University / Vocational school or an accredited program by an accredited agency to be eligible for online tuition credit.
  4.  Application Process:
    1. Create an account
      1. Enter email and create password
      2. Complete profile information
      3. Complete financial information
      4. Complete academic information
    2. Obtain SIGNED transcript. A stamped signature is acceptable, but a signature is ABSOLUTELY required. Transcripts without a signature cannot be accepted and applications without signed transcript will not be considered.
    3. Scan / upload by sending school / applicant SIGNED TRANSCRIPT into academic information. In addition to the signature, the transcript must include:
      • Current GPA score
      • An explanation of the school's grading system (example: "3.25 on a 4.00 scale")
      • SAT / ACT documentation (may be included on transcript or on separate document.)
    4. Scan / upload by recommender or applicant TWO (2) letters of recommendation
    5. A personal essay by applicant indicating career plans, reasons you are applying for the scholarship, why you should be chosen and any additional information about yourself that is not on the application form.  Also include a description of your leadership and service accomplishments, past and present as all scholarships have a percentage that will be judged with regard to these two components.
    6. Determine scholarships that best fit your needs and place in cart.
  5. Submit Application as follows:
    • Submit online completed application with personal essay, 2 letters of recommendation, SIGNED transcript and credit card payment of $5 for each scholarship placed in cart.
    • Complete credit card information as prompted.
    • Must be submitted NO later than FEBRUARY 1: 11PM MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME
  6. General Reasons for Disqualification:
    • Applicant does not meet the requirements indicated (incomplete applications, required items missing) or the criteria of the scholarship(s) for which they are applying.
    • Transcript is not SIGNED (stamped signatures are acceptable).
    • Does not meet the February 1: 11PM MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME submission deadline for completed applications.
  7. Criteria for Selection
    • Leadership / Service / Financial Need / Scholastic Ability
    • Special Criteria - set by donor (see individual scholarship criteria for details).
  8. General Information
    • Scholarships must be applied for on an annual basis.
    • There is no limit on the number of years a person may apply.
    • No special consideration will be given to previous winners.
    • Recipients of the scholarships shall be chosen annually.
    • ESA Foundation Board of Directors or committees are not allowed to suggest and / or recommend any particular scholarship to any student.
    • Availability of scholarship monies will be published through the ESA Foundation and on the website.
    • Winners of an ESA Foundation Scholarship will be notified by June 1.
    • Scholarship winners will be published in the ESA Foundation's newsletters and on the web site after judging has been finalized and winners personally notified.
    • The award will be made payable to the college / university of choice and the recipient.
    • The college / university will require the student's signature to process the check.
    • The scholarship check will be mailed during July / August directly to the college / university indicated on the applicant's confirmed information.
    • If the college / university of original choice is changed, the winner must notify the Scholarship Chairman before checks are issued.
    • A service charge will be deducted from the scholarship check if notification of school change is received after the checks are issued.
      One (1) winner of an ESA Foundation Scholarship will be awarded an "extra $1000" at the discretion of the ESA Foundation as funds permit.
      Any completed application / accompanying documents submitted by December 15, and approved for judging will be eligible for a drawing to be awarded a $1000 Early Bird Scholarship as funds permit.