How to apply

The ESA Foundation awards numerous scholarships annually; this is the process for applying. You will find how-to apply videos here for your use as you begin your process. If you still have questions, please contact the scholarship chair listed on this page.
  1. Browse scholarships - From the main scholarship page, start by selecting the state of your residence, not where you go to school. Click “Search scholarships” to view the full list of opportunities for the next academic years.
  2. Create a scholarship account – Once you have identified some potential scholarships, click “Apply now” to access our online scholarship application system. We'll collect your contact, financial, and academic profile information to customize your scholarship search and speed your online submission. Please upload only SIGNED TRANSCRIPTS, unsigned transcripts cannot be used. 
  3. Submitting an application - Scholarship applications are submitted online through the automated system and the information collected will be passed along to the scholarship director.
  4. After submission - When the application has been determined to meet the Foundation's criteria, it is forwarded to Scholarship Coordinator who checks to see that the applicant meets the necessary criteria. The application is then sent for judging of the particular scholarship for which the student is applying.