Oscar Watch/Red Carpet Recruitment Party

This party is a perfect way to inject some fun into your cold winter and welcome friends to ESA. It works great for couples/families and any age group. Some good natured voting competition and terrific food set the stage, and you can even "kick" it up a notch with a charitable twist. Get the complete party planner with all the details here.

Make ESA A Family Affair...Legacy Memberships:
Did you know your close relatives may join ESA at a reduced membership fee just because they're lucky enough to be related to you? Make ESA a family affair, welcome a legacy member. (note: new Legacy memberships must be submitted to ESA HQ via hardcopy application or telephone application, the online join system is not available for legacy memberships).

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Videos, invitations, flier templates, parties and MORE on the Recruitment page of the member center



"I'm having a ball with ESA, and how happy I am just shows, I guess..."
-Lin King, FL